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Organic farming systems as a driver for change

in Bredsten
Since 1980’s, NJF member from Nordic and Baltic countries have been engaged in research, development and extension work in organic farming and food systems. Several NJF seminars have been arranged to highlight organic food and agriculture, bringing together experts from different branches of sience, from ecology to economics. The seminar in Denmark 2013 is part of this chain of seminars, which started in Alnarp, Sweden 2005 and was followed by Tartu, Estonia in 2009. This seminar is organized in collaboration with ICROFS - International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems and EPOK - Centre for Organic Food and Farming at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Organic agriculture has grown to a sector with profound impact on the societal and agricultural development. Hence, we want to utilize the upcoming seminar to reveal how organic research has contributed, or may contribute to change the many and serious challenges that we face to protect our environment and to ensure a satisfactory living for all. Concurrently, the needs for improvement in practical farming systems, both to support the farmers and to further develop organic farming in a sustainable direction, must be emphasized. The objective of the seminar is to encourage the seminar participants to discuss relevant main challenges and how research and developmental work can be more efficiently directed to solve problems in organic farming systems, based on the overview of work presented during the seminar. The seminar should inspire the participants, and make them better equipped to utilize their work to solve problems in relation to (organic) farming, as they are challenged to reflect the impact of their work in a broader context. Topics The seminar will be arranged around the following four tracks: 1. Societal and economic viability 2. Transition to renewable resources 3. Nutrient sufficiency and management in farming systems 4. Productivity and sustainable production levels in animal and crop production All tracks will include contributions within different areas of agricultural production, i.e. both crop and animal production. Our ambition is that experts from different areas of organic farming will be able to adapt their research and development work to fit into one of these tracks. E.g. animal welfare may be discussed in the light of credibility of organic products, and fit to tract 1. Eco-system services may be discussed in light of what is really sustainable when it comes to productivity level, and fit into tract 4.
MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Animal Production Research
Vingsted Skowej 2
7182 Bredsten
Kontakt-E-Mail-Adresse: kirsi.partanen@mtt.fi
Kontakt-Telefonnummer: +358407356205

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